Why A&H Service?
Committed to Quality Service for over 40 Years!

A & H is synonymous with American Standard.

We believe in quality and customer satisfaction and have committed our business to striving everyday to exceed your expectations. American Standard sets the bar in this industry and they believe in highly trained and educated dealers, which means we are well qualified to help you find the most effective, most efficient system to keep the air in your home clean and comfortable all year long.

A & H is not just an American Standard dealer. We are an American Standard Customer Care™ Dealer. That means we are part of an ongoing process designed to give our customers the best possible experience every step of the way. We will start by completing a Load Calculation, which is a detailed analysis of your home's energy needs. We will measure windows and rooms; we will examine your shades and window treatments to give us an idea of how the sun affects your home; we will examine your insulation and ductwork; and we will ask you a few questions about your personal preferences for indoor comfort. Through this process, we will get a detailed picture of what your home system needs to accomplish. Once we have that information, we'll go through all of your available options together, including choices for air cleaning, temperature control, humidity and efficiency. Other dealers might not go to this much effort. But then again, they're not American Standard Customer Care™ Dealers.

As an American Standard Customer Care™ Dealer, we will not be satisfied until you are. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you choose the perfect system for your home and family.